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Cone crusher generally is used in mining ore beneficiation, medium crushing and tertairy crushing.

The moving cone liner, fixed cone liner and ore minerials form a three-dimensional abrasivation,

to ensure that the liner surface is inside a state of complex tension and force. The broken stone

offers liner quarry crusher surface a terrific

compressive stress. In the similar time, high pace moving cone liner generates big shear pressure.

These two sorts of stresses do chisel lower, cutting, and impact extrusion pit on liner board,

that’s the principle force technique. Therefore, as for liner material, we calls for not just high

surface hardness towards chisel edge, but also higher power and toughness. As the unique working

web-site ailment, primarily the ore hardness value is diverse, three varieties of stresses methods

are also different from one another. At existing, we usually opt for high-manganese steel as cone

crusher liner board.
Considering that a English, Hatfield has researched austenitic high-manganese steel efficiently in

1883, the material had been offered "wear resist steel", now is widely utilized in put

on resistant parts in all walks.
This steel possesses Austenitic microstructure at room temperature, also known as austenitic high

manganese steel. The vast majority of high-manganese steel made use of for castings. Its

microstructure of high-manganese steel guaranteed wear resistance. The chemical composition of the

substantial manganese steel N1, C = 1 2% 4%, Mn = Il% to 14%, P ≤ 0.06%, Si = 0.5% 1 0%, S ≤

O. 03%. High manganese steel castings should be preheated before putting in use. The heated

treatment hardness is HB = 179-229. After quenching, the hardness of high-manganese steel is not

substantial, but the strong impact force or stress will produce hardening phonomenon, the hardness

value may be increased to HB = 450 - 550. Hardening is formed just at surface 3-6 mm in depth.

This is definitely the purpose to high manganese steel’s substantial resistant. High-manganese

steel was first utilized in the production of anti-wear pieces for more than 100 years, which has

good power, toughness, hardening when in use, resistance to abrasive wear, so until now it is

still in application.
Rotary drum dryer could be the heat and dry device of materials. Rotary dryer is employed for

drying materials with humidity or granularity while in the industries of mineral dressing,

constructing material, metallurgy and chemical. It may be made use of for drying lots of varieties

of materials this kind of as limstone slag, coal powder, clay stone etc. It has benefit of

realistic quarry crusher

construction, higher efficiency, low energy consumption. Rotary dryer mostly includes rotary

entire body, raw materials feeding plate, lifting blade, driving and supporting gadget, sealing

ring and and so on.Rotary drum dryer has powerful anti-overload ability, substantial managing

capability, less fuel consumption, reduced dry expense.
Main characteristic of Rotary drum dryer :
1. dry mining tools has solid anti-overload skill, big managing capacity, significantly less fuel

consumption, minimal dry cost.
2. flour dryer adopt latest approach to dry.The moist flue fuel and material is same side to the

drying machine, working with large temperature fume to attain incredibly large power of

the exit of rotary dehydrator displays very low temperature and higher thermal efficiency.
3.According to various material properties to alter operation parameters, making the material

during the flour dryer to kind a secure cylinder entire body .The heat exchange is more adequate .
4.The brand new feeding and discharging device remove the drum drying machine feeding jams,

discontinuity, uneven return the phenomenon . and decrease the dust elimination method load.
5.The quarry crusher new

inner framework strengthened the clean of scattered elements and heat transfer impact, eliminates

the cylinder entire body of the wall with glue phenomenon,it adapt drastically to materials

6.rotary drying machine achive ‘Zero level thrust’,significantly decreases the wheel wear along

with the cylinder body smooth operation and trusted
7.In accordance to user’s requirment to control product dimension and moisture, coal slime water

items may be decrease than 8% when drying , the particle dimension is often controlled in 8 mm


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