Mechanical method of transformation

Mechanical method of transformation and upgrading of commercial improvement
Much more implementation on the "equipment

manufacturing restructuring and revitalization plan," we should focus on the current
science to tackle the financial crisis,

to ensure that the good momentum of advancement of commercial machinery; but also a long-term, reinforce

endogenous growth, based on the taking high ground in Industrial Advancement on the crisis.
First of all, to correctly grasp the

machinery industry’s quarry crusher characteristics. Machinery industry is a basic, strategic

industry, on behalf of their
level of growth of comprehensive national strength and internationalcompetitiveness. Adjusting the

industrial structure, transform the mode is a
systems engineering, machinery industry itself should be based on the

characteristics, in accordance with the requirements in the concept of
scientific advancement, independent innovation as the

foundation for the way the two of integration, technological innovation as a means of
merger and reorganization of business-

oriented and take improvement road of new industrialization as the goal, and constantly push forward the
industrial structure

optimization, advancementof methods of transformation and

Second, we must clearly focus on the advancement emphasis. Industrial structure and advancement are mutually reinforcing

way organic whole
machinery industry to adjust industrial structure and changing the pattern of improvement reflected in the final

product structure adjustment
and industrial growth in quality. We should vigorously strengthen technological innovation, the use of

information technology to upgrade
traditional industries and improve the automation of production and processing, information and

intelligence; to the growth of green
manufacturing technology, the growth of business policies and market demand for

environmentally friendly, intelligent, digital high added
value products; to accelerate the phase-out and update the high energy

consumption, high pollution, a serious depletion of resources behind the
product; fixed asset investment and the transformation to

phase out backward to specific, reduce excess capacity-oriented, determined to contain
low levels of scale expansion, building

resources saving and environment-friendly industries.
Third, to far more develop the role of policies and measures of protection.

Restructuring and revitalization from the equipment manufacturing
policies and measures have been put forward this year the state
new industries to speed up the
progress of specific strategic planning and

special projects, and study and encourage the use of emerging Industrial products and technology
measures to encourage the use made

of setting up the first (set) the risk of major equipment grant funds, we make full and good use of these
policy measures, for the

machinery industry to adjust industrial structure and transforming economic growth method to contribute.

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